Our pop-up dinners are a great way to inspire creativity and show case other fellow artists. We host art/music/food infused dinners that advocate community and bring people together over common interests. Combined with perfect sexy ambience, these dinners will leave you with an unforgettable experience. 

We hold four events a year in stunning locations, and draw names when we have a waiting list. Sign up early here today or via our Facebook page to see where the next supper is happening.


Secret Supper Society’s Wild Foraged Haute Cuisine Experience: a six coursed unique interpretation of foraging around Portland.


Featuring Guest Chef Chris Bailey, who will be crafting East Asian influence in with local PNW foraging ingredients, and designing courses with his raw but clean modernistic technique.

Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about Climate Change, saving this earth, our fellow humans, water, trees, bees, etc. I have a moral obligation in every thing I create going forward to address this reality now that I understand how dire this situation really is for us on a global scale. Everyone does really, it’s undeniable, and I believe this is why most people keep this issue at arms length…because once you accept the reality of what we have created…

Things have been so wrong, for so very long, we have forgotten who we are and how to live symbiotically with nature. We dominate nature and abuse our lands & animals that give us life. I need help shifting consciousness and educating everyone around me that there is a different way. It’s as old as human existence, and it’s sustainable as all hell. With the help of local Maverick’s like Chef Chris Bailey (Dinner Lab, OSU Food Innovation Center) & Foraging Artist Crystal, of Urban Gourmet, along with my 20 years of experience & passion, we plan to shift the way you look at the plants around you everyday, forever. In this light, we hope to bring a whole new level of knowledge and wonder to what it is you consider food. I feel like if we learn to respect the plants around us, as we consider their value to our health, we may just shift our minds away from over consumption, waste, and eating only whats available at your local market. All of this goodness brought to you with my signature ambience, swagger & style, as follows:

We will usher in the 2016 Autumn Solstice with a Foraged Feast to the sexy sounds & down tempo beats of Takimba (KBOO Melting Pot Radio Show/DJ Heartbeats Silent Disco) playing alongside acclaimed 16 year old Cellist, Jesse Fuller. That night we will convene in a most creative space hidden in the loft of a 130 year brick building in the heart of Pearl District, to give thanks for the plants that natively grow in our surroundings and mingle with your community of influential cross pollinators. I will ask that EVERYONE please bring a bottle of wine or alcohol of your choice for community sharing (RED, WHITE or ROSE will all pair just fine with the different courses.) Then prepare yourself for a laid back AMAZING culinary experience, that will leave you with a whole new understanding of the ecosystem around you. I consider these dinners influential and a great place for community synergy. Please message me privately with any allergies you may have, so I may accommodate. Follow this link for your RSVP. 60 guest max.



Six Course Dinner Ticket-$60




123 NW 2nd Ave, Suite 301-enter the black gate of 130 year old historical brick building near the courtyard of Hobo’s restaurant. An elevator attendant will check your ticket attendant will usher you up to the hidden location. Parking available on street only.


***ALL menu items will be 100% gluten free, can be made vegetarian, or without dairy. Most allergies can be accommodated/Menu will consist of local caught game/or from ethical local sources, wild foraged ingredients & produce/farm fresh local organic produce

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