Urban Roots is designed to bring healthy, wholesome, chef prepared food directly to your doorstep. With a strong commitment to a gluten-free kitchen, a flair for flavor and the courage to experiment, Chef Ryan Abitz handcrafts a new menu each week!

Food is our most basic form of comfort, connection with others, and self care and no matter what circumstances we face. Sometimes you just need one really good meal to turn the whole day around, a dinner worthy of it's own theme song and a reflective moment to acknowledge that you are doing the best you can that day.

Have allergies? No problem. Chef Ryan has created Whole30, paleo, and SIBO menus. With 100% customizable meal plans, Urban Roots can and wants to work with any diet. 



A new menu is published every Wednesday and sent to you via email - orders are requested by 3pm Thursday. Chef Ryan and his team create and cook twice per week to deliver to your doorstep every Tuesday & Thursday between 10am-1pm. It's okay if you're not home - just leave a cooler outside for us! Sourcing local, organic and tasty ingredients to create allergen free menus, and reusable/recyclable delivery containers, every step of this process has the consumer, the source and the environment in mind.


Choose your Plan

Choose which meal plan best fits your needs. Let us handle the rest.  

7 Meal One-time Trial $119

7 Meal Recurring Subscription $109


We Cook & Deliver

Our fabulous chef prepares all of your meals for the week and his team delivers them straight to your door.

14 Meal One-time Trial $219

14 Meal Recurring Subscription $209

Heat, Eat and Enjoy

Unwind from your busy day by simply heating your meal in the oven and enjoy!

21 Meal One-time Trial $299

21 Meal Recurring Subscription $289

The trial meal plan is one week only.

 Subscriptions are billed weekly and can be cancelled at anytime.