Our Dr. RECOMMENDED Program Helps Those Transitioning Their Diets Around Allergies

The food you eat can either be the safest, most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.
- Ann Wigmore

Let's say the heavy handed news of your gluten sensitivity has just surfaced and after a worthy cry, you're not sure what you'll get to eat the rest of your life. Let's say your cooking skills are already sub par, let alone trying to figure out the complexities of allergy sensitive cooking. So let's make your life a little easier:

  • Doorstep Delivery
  • 100% Gluten-Free Kitchen
  • Paleo + Vegan Friendly
  • Freshly Made, Freezable Meals
  • Veteran Chef Curated Gourmet Meals (To Help You Explore What Can Be Done)

Having relationships with naturopaths across Portland, I offer Paleo meals and take it a step further with Whole30 menus.  Get in touch with us!