"Farm to table, locally sourced, gluten free, paleo meals delivered right to your door-step." - Stephanie Kralevich, KPTV Portland

16,000+ Gluten-Free meals cooked & delivered in portland. here's what urban roots is all about...

"Whether allergies force you to be selective, or you just want to be healthy - I created Urban Roots to give you an option that's as healthy as it is delicious."

- Chef Ryan Abitz, Founder, Urban Roots


Sometimes you just need a really great meal to turn the day around...

Food is our most basic form of comfort, connection with others, and self care and no matter what circumstances we face.

Sometimes you just need one really good meal to turn the whole day around, a dinner worthy of it's own theme song and a reflective moment to acknowledge that you are doing the best you can that day.

Have allergies? No problem. Chef Ryan has created Whole30, Paleo, and SIBO menus. With 100% customizable meal plans, Urban Roots can and wants to work with any diet - including yours.

Urban Roots is designed to bring healthy, wholesome, chef prepared food directly to your doorstep. With a strong commitment to a gluten-free kitchen, a flair for flavor and the courage to experiment, Chef Ryan Abitz handcrafts a new menu each week!


Our Members Speak Out...

How it works


Choose Your Plan

How many meals would you like cooked & delivered right to your doorstep each week? Choose 7, 14, or 21 meals per week.


Our Chefs Cook & Deliver

Lead by Chef Ryan Abitz, our amazing, passionate team prepares your meals with love.


Heat & Enjoy

Since the meals arrive at your doorstep already cooked - all you have to do is warm them up, and enjoy the tasty deliciousness.


Claim Your 7-Day Trial Now... and Get FREE Delivery.

Choose any plan below to try it out for 1 week. Love it? Say nothing and we'll keep on delivering! Not the right fit? No problem! Let us know any time in the first week and we'll cancel your subscription right then and there. 


7 Meals Per Week
$109 / week ($15.57 / meal)


14 Meals Per Week
$209 / week ($14.92 / meal)


21 Meals Per Week

$289 / week ($13.76 / meal)


What allergies / sensitivities do you serve?

All meals are 100% gluten-free and paleo. Vegan options are available too, as are W-30 and SIBO-compliant meals.


Can I pause my subscription if I go out of town?

Yes! With our app, you can even pause your subscription yourself, or reach out to us and we'll happily take care of it for you.

Is your food organic?

We use small, local farms who use the best organic practices... however, they are too small to afford the "official" organic license (which costs an arm and a leg!). We're committed to helping these farms grow because local = sustainable.

What areas do you deliver to?

We offer FREE delivery to Portland and surrounding areas, such as Vancouver, Tigard, Happy Valley, and Lake Oswego.

Can I purchase a subscription for someone else / gift cards?

Absolutely! UrbanRoots is an amazing gift. Email us at urbanrootspdx@gmail.com.

Will delivery always be FREE?

FREE delivery is a limited time only promotion. With that said, get grandfathered in when you secure your 7-day trial now.

I have other questions! How can I get in touch?

We'd love to help. Email us at urbanrootspdx@gmail.com with all of your questions. And don't worry, you can never ask us too many!


Claim Your 7-Day Trial Now... And Get Free Delivery!